SIP Trunk failure after upgrade to Asterisk 12 (PIAF/IncrediblePBX <-> Lync 2013)

Posted by on Apr 4, 2015 in Blog, For Techs, Phones

SIP Trunk failure after upgrade to Asterisk 12 (PIAF/IncrediblePBX  Lync 2013)

This seems to be the week for phone troubles. We’ve had a cable provide screw up rollover configurations on two sets of lines (two small firms moved from one suite to another) that took about 5 tries to get them to fix, Verizon outages on a small hotel for 2 days, and now an issue with an asterisk/lync setup. Hopefully this helps someone save some time if they face a similar situation!

So, we’re fans of Vitelity for SIP trunk service, and love Asterisk as Key/PBX replacement. In this case we have Vitelity -> Asterisk -> lync 2013 (single server, all roles collocated). We had PIAF <-> Lync working wonderfully for inbound/outbound but running apt-get upgrade recently messed up GRUB with the newer kernels. After trying to repair I got fed up and just fell back to the older kernel on boot until I had more time to work on the issue, which really meant creating a new VM with the newer versions of everything. However, after this brilliant plan, using the same settings as before (or so I thought) didn’t work.


This shows the INCORRECT settings that existed. Change to 5061 to match the SIP binding in Asterisk 12/PIAF to correct.

The problem lies is the fact that I chose to try using PJSIP for the Vitelity trunk, and SIP for the Lync trunk. The default configuration binds 5060 to PJSIP, but then 5061 for SIP. So, if we go into the Lync Topology Editor we must change the Listening Port of the IP/PSTN gateway to match this.

Then “all that’s left” is tweaking your inbound/outbound routing. Which probably meaning dealing more with the people than the machines…

In our case, I also made the embarrassing mistake of not paying attention to cert expirations (which of course was around 30 mins after this first part was completed).