Our Company

Since 2004, CAPEMS has been a full-service IT company, providing a broad range of services and technology solutions for small to medium sized buisnesses. We specialize in legal practices, medical practices, field service businesses and non-profits.

We believe technology shouldn’t be exclusive to large corporations. We are committed to putting the latest hardware and software to work for your business, helping you stay competetive while working withing your budget.

How are we different?

We understand there is no one solution. Our IT Solutions include design, installation, and on-going maintenance services. Our hybrid approaches takes the best parts of on-premise and cloud services, proprietery and open-source. We also practice what we preach. For example, our communications systems are powered by Asterisk (free, open-source software), and Microsoft Lync (propriety software, ~$3K). And while other IT companies are essentially franchises, locked into whatever management software they are forced to pay for, we use a combination of open-source tools, CAPEMS Unified™ (our own ERP and CRM software), as well as a number of best-of-breed vendors to provide you with the highest possible level of support, while allowing us to keep extremely competetive pricing.