Customer Portal

maintain customer contact

Our Customer Portal Module gives your customers 24/7 web access to their records, while still keeping you in control with fine-tuned permissions

  • lookup pending services and service history by date or site
  • view chemical usage and MSDS
  • self-report pest activity or device problems with easy-to-use maps
  • access inspection reports
  • generate reports on issue history over time
  • view invoice and payment history


Customer Portal: 24/7 access to account data with appropriate permission level
1. Service history – The portal allows customers to view chemical usage history with specific chemical and amount applied by date and tech. The usage pattern is linked with inventory tracking to ensure maximum ROI. The data is used to determine the most effective treatment plan by comparing chemical choice and amount with increase/decrease of pest activity. Most importantly, the chemical usage report provides immediate access to the Material Safety Data Sheet for each chemical.

2. Upcoming service(s)- check on pending service(s) scheduled by date and site.
3. Floorplan(s)/Sitemap(s)- appropriate customer employees can report pest activity by placing pest images on the sitemap(s) and indicate the level of pest activity.
4. Devices Display: Employees can also use the interactive mapping feature to notify you when any of the devices listed below are damaged or missing by checking the display and number of devices listed.
-Exterior- RBS – Rodent Bait Stations
-Interior- ILT – Insect Light Traps
-Interior- FAS- Fly Abatement Strips
5. Reports – Permits the customer to respond quickly to burgeoning pest and/or sanitation problems by having instant access to the remedial action plan cited by the tech who conducted the inspection. The customer can view or print an individual report or a history by selecting a date range for any aspect of the Service Report.
6. Billing – provides access to all invoice and payment history and speed payment by instant posting of new invoices.