Service Module

CAPEMS Unified IPM links the forms, procedures and equipment your technicans use everyday into our fully-integrated, state-of-the art system designed to maximize your time and increase revenue.

Routing: UNIFIED is designed to provide true customer service by meeting the unique needs of each customer. Stops can be scheduled to the service times and frequencies most convenient for the customer. Customer specific contact information and service notes are linked to the customer’s account and are immediately accessible by office service coordinators and/or technicians in the field.

The scheduling module is dynamic and easily accommodates customer requests for additional service(s) by phone or via the customer portal. Using the route overview dashboard service coordinators can respond quickly to customer requests and assign available field techs.

Techs in the field are connected to the office and customers by the latest mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) via high-speed internet ensuring rapid exchange of information and response to customer requests. Written reports with customer signature are automatically emailed on completion of the service.

detailed account management and mapping

  • easily enter and organize account information and contacts
  • view full account service history
  • link related documents such as insurance certificates or signed contracts
  • manage relationships for multi-site accounts
  • site mapping via floor plans or store layouts
  • track
  • device placements and issues

streamline scheduling and service

  • quickly create work orders
  • use built-in filters to find just the data you need
  • helpful summaries and grouping allow you to manage bulk rescheduling with ease
  • one-click access to full account information
  • print dispatch sheets, individual work orders, proof-of-service or even inspection reports right from the overview
  • color coding of job status and priority icons
  • pinpoint each site/degree of pest activity