Network Design

Network Design

Whether you’re starting a new office or moving to a new location, or just expanding at an existing location, your network infrastructure is going to require careful consideration.

Who is your ISP?

From coordinating phone installs to bringing cable service in to entire buildings, our experience can help you avoid any problems with your install.

What are you using?

Our first step is a full inventory of your system. By looking at the whole picture, we can prevent any potential conflicts during the install, saving you time and money.

When are you moving?

It seems like the easiest question, but most delays we’ve seen arise because someone was left out of the loop on this very point. By letting us handle your vendors, you and your staff can focus on what they do best.

Where is your install?

We’ve been fortunate enough to have had some fairly complex installs. Whether you’re in a modern office building or a landmarked brownstone, we’ve probably already seen it. This means we won’t waste your time with unneccesary work or delays.

Why are you moving?

During a move is actually a great time to review your existing systems. If you have outdated systems, why spend money to move them? If you recently expanded and needed more space, you may benefit from project management software or newer servers. Looking to reduce expenses? We can show you how to work more efficiently with cost-effective solutions.